Why navigate university alone when you can have an expert on your side?

1 to 1 international student support coaching, mentoring, tutoring and university choice guidance –  because university is that big step up.

Are you worried about coping and performing at university? Transform your thoughts and actions through the power of student coaching.

Far from home, want expert UK based support with independent study and living – have your own personal mentor to support and guide you.

Concerned that your academic English language or your study approach will let you down? 1 to 1 tutoring so YOU reach YOUR potential.

international students in uk universities - Find your perfect university

How to be successful at university

FREE University Preparation Course

Worried that university is a big step up and that you don’t know all the skills and strategies to get those fantastic grades and that amazing dream job?

Not sure about the best ways to settle in fast, make friends, avoid problems and get the very best from your university?

Well here is my GIFT TO YOU.

4 hours of my expert advice on how to be successful at university.

Online Course Worth £197 Completely FREE!!! for limited time only

Coaching for international students in uk universities

Your Coaching Call

The answer is within you, it truly is.

Is there something on your mind holding you back from being successful?

Is it a block, a worry, a fear that just won’t go away?

Is it getting in the way of reaching your potential at university?

Do you want a way forwards that empowers you?

Do you want to know that you can find your own fantastic solutions that really work for you.

Feel brave, strong and in control.

Book your coaching call and experience the power of student coaching with your own expert academic coach

international students in uk universities - Find your perfect university

Struggling with choosing which university and which course is best for you?

Are you confused by all the different university marketing and don’t know what is best for you?

Not certain of which course would work to your strengths?

Which one you would enjoy most and would give you the best opportunities?

I support international students looking for the best university to fit your needs. Why is a university and course right for you? We look at  how you learn, what your needs are, the job you have in mind for the future and so many more factors, which make you who you are.

This is university choice advice based on YOU, totally independent of any university.

If you are a little lost and unsure in making your choices and need some university advice then this is perfect for you!

The University Blueprint – Personalised university choice advice that is based on YOUR needs.

Coaching for international students in uk universities

Your Brilliant University Start

Would you like your own expert support in the first few weeks of university?

Perhaps you need help with academic English,  adapting to a new way of study, developing your study skills for university, preparing for exams, or just settling in and getting the best from your new university experience. Whatever you need, I help you with.

They say a fantastic start, makes a fantastic finish and at university this is really true. It is all about YOU getting YOUR brilliant university start.

I work for success for students, but most importantly I work for YOUR individual success.

Your very own 1 to 1 support and skills development expert to help you navigate those difficult first few weeks at university.

Mentoring services for international students in uk universities

VIP Support

Here for YOU every step of your first year at university.

University is a rollercoaster of highs and lows – especially if you are an international student in the UK for the first time.

A new place, a new country, a new language with a different, independent way of learning – all far away from your support network.

You will have changing needs as your first-year progresses, and I as your own personal university mentor, am with you every step of the way.

As a VIP you will have unlimited, individualised, tailored support and guidance from me, working with you for your success.

I help you navigate your learning, solve any problems and support you in reaching your potential in your new life. I work for you and only you.

Take away all of the worry with your own very special  VIP student mentoring for a whole year.

How can I help you?

international students in uk universities

Completely FREE!! Online university preparation course packed with specialist advice for students starting university

Insider advice, that you will find nowhere else, to put you ahead of the game.

Reach your potential at a UK university

Reach Your Potential

I don’t just provide a uniques personalised 1:1 service based soley on YOUR needs – YOUR SUCCESS is at the ethical heart of what I do.

Publications to improve Academic success for international students

Evidence Based

My approach is based on many, many years of experience, a wide range of qualifications, extensive research and publications on academic success for university students.


Don’t take my word for it!

  • Dr Caroline appreciates that successful adjustment to first year at university is key to completing your degree to the best of your ability. She has an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities for international students during their first year at University, particularly with respect to study skills, academic English, and adjusting to a multicultural learning environment. Her one-to-one approach to mentoring ensures that she has a holistic understanding of each individual student’s needs. I thoroughly recommend her coaching and mentoring services.


    Fatima Abdulla

  • This course really helped me to get on top of my learning from the beginning and I was way ahead of my friends as I knew the important stuff to look at and concentrate on . It really is full of useful advice and I recommend it for anyone heading for university.

    James Williams

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