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Coaching & Mentoring for international students in uk universities

I will provide you with all the help, skills and foresight to enable you to achieve your full potential when studying in the UK.

international students in uk universities - Find your perfect university

Find your perfect University-Your University Blueprint

Your choice of university and course is a major factor in your future success. We help you with this by creating your personal university blueprint which guides you on the top three most suitable choices for you.

Coaching for international students in uk universities

University Success Accelerator

A good start to university is essential to success. I am here to help with academic English, study skills and much more. An 8 week 1:1 individualised programme based on your needs.

Mentoring services for international students in uk universities

University Study Success Mentoring

A 12 month full support programme which academically and holistically supports you through the year. With my on-going support you will reach your academic potential, safe in the knowledge that I am on hand whatever challenges you face.

What Makes Us Different

international students in uk universities

Bespoke 1:1 Specialist Support

We provide international students in uk universities a highly personalised 1:1 support based on your individual needs.

Reach your potential at a UK university

Reach Your Potential

We don’t just provide a service – your success is at the ethical heart of what we do.

Publications to improve Academic success for international students

Evidence Based

My approach is based on extensive research and publications on academic success for international students.

Testimonials from international students in uk universities

Don’t take my word for it!

  • Dr Caroline appreciates that successful adjustment to first year at university is key to completing your degree to the best of your ability. She has an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities for international students during their first year at University, particularly with respect to study skills, academic English, and adjusting to a multicultural learning environment. Her one-to-one approach to mentoring ensures that she has a holistic understanding of each individual student’s needs. I thoroughly recommend her coaching and mentoring services.


    Ebrahim, Bahrain

  • I worked with Dr Caroline for many years in my capacity as Vice President for Academic Affairs at RCSI Bahrain. Dr Caroline’s knowledge, skills and ability in the area of student transition from second to third level education is . She always placed students and the student experience at the forefront of everything she did. Her work with students from many different nationalities and secondary school systems, with mixed English language ability and academic ability, over many years, make her an ideal resource for students, especially from the middle east region, who wish to pursue university studies in the UK.

    Professor Joe McMenamin

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Your first week at University

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