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Online university preparation course, 60 minute coaching call, 1:1 university mentoring and coaching packages to achieve your success.

Insider advice to get that fantastic degree.

Ace those grades with specialist guidance.

No more worries! An expert is on hand to guide you.

My name is Dr Caroline

I am a university success specialist

and I am here for you.

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international students in uk universities - Find your perfect university

University Preparation Course

Get off to a flying start with this unique online university preparation course. 

The ‘must have’ course’ for every student going to university. Full of never seen before top tips and really useful insider advice to prepare you for university and guide you through your studies. All the things you should know before you go to university, but that your university and school don’t tell you.

Coaching for international students in uk universities

Book a Coaching Call

Got a worry? Get coached by Dr Caroline to find your solution.

Coaching creates positive change and builds awareness, creates clarity, gives you choices and leads you to action.

The answer is within you – it truly is.


international students in uk universities - Find your perfect university

University Blueprint

Not sure where to go and what to study? Find the right UK course and university for you.

Your choice of university and course is a major factor in your future success. How many times have you heard of students saying ‘I should have gone to a different university’ or ‘I wish I had taken another course’?

Avoid the regrets with your personal university blueprint which guides you to the top three most suitable university and course choices for you.

Coaching for international students in uk universities

8 Week Support Package

Individualised support designed around your needs – just for you.

We all need help sometimes.

It can be  dropping grades, a tricky assignment, help with academic English, moving to the UK and not knowing where to start.

Whatever it is why cope alone?

Having someone on your side to support and guide you on an individual basis can make all the difference to building the skills and resilience to create that fantastic, successful you.

Mentoring services for international students in uk universities

VIP Support Package

Perfect for international students -a guiding hand from an expert on your side for the whole year.

University is a rollercoaster of highs and lows – especially if you are an international student.

A new place, a new country, a new language with a different, independent way of learning.

As a VIP you will have individualised, tailored support and guidance from an expert working for you.

Take away all of the worry.

I help you navigate your learning, solve any problems and support you in reaching your potential in your new life.

How can I help you?

international students in uk universities

Online course packed with specialist advice for students starting university

Insider advice, that you will find nowhere else, to put you ahead of the game.

Reach your potential at a UK university

Reach Your Potential

I don’t just provide a  personalised 1:1 service – your success is at the ethical heart of what I do.

Publications to improve Academic success for international students

Evidence Based

My approach is based on extensive research and publications on academic success for university students.


Don’t take my word for it!

  • Dr Caroline appreciates that successful adjustment to first year at university is key to completing your degree to the best of your ability. She has an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities for international students during their first year at University, particularly with respect to study skills, academic English, and adjusting to a multicultural learning environment. Her one-to-one approach to mentoring ensures that she has a holistic understanding of each individual student’s needs. I thoroughly recommend her coaching and mentoring services.


    Fatima Abdulla

  • This course really helped me to get on top of my learning from the beginning and I was way ahead of my friends as I knew the important stuff to look at and concentrate on . It really is full of useful advice and I recommend it for anyone heading for university.

    James Williams

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