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We all have questions and concerns that keep us awake at night and your time at university is no different. 

Just because you are at university or about to start university doesn’t mean that you are in a good place or taking advantage of everything that is on offer to you. Sometimes you just need that helping hand to give you solid, practical advice and provide you with a way forwards to solve your problem so that you can reach your potential.

Here is your opportunity to chat with Dr Caroline and get expert advice in a 50 minute call.

Questions that students (and parents!!) worry about have included:

How do I get the best support from my university to improve my university experience and grades?

How do I pass my repeat examinations?

How can I get an amazing start as an international student?

What scholarships are available to me as a post-graduate student?

Sometimes advice from an independent specialist with  insider knowledge can give you the peace of mind that you need and deserve. Whatever your question, complete the form below and I will let you know if I can help before we book in a call.

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