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International student tutoring services

UK university admission for international students – Your personal university blueprint

Find the perfect UK University for you – your personal university blueprint

International student tutoring services

Choosing which university and which degree course is a big decision that can shape the rest of your life.
You want the right course for you in the right location, excellent teaching, high employability ratings, a safe environment, secure accommodation, access to good travel links, and many more requirements that meet your individual needs.

With a personal university blueprint you will discover the most suitable university and degree course for you.

uk university admission for international students

The steps to discovering your perfect university

International student tutoring services

Step 1: You complete the online form so Dr Caroline and her team can assess how best to help you and arrange your first meeting.

Step 2: We arrange a 60-minute online meeting with you to discuss in detail what you want and talk you through the possibilities open to you.

Step 3: We then extensively research all aspects of university life for you to create your personal university blueprint that details your recommended top three choices of UK university degree courses and the reasons why they are the best choice for you.

Step 4: You receive your personal university blueprint document.

Step 5: We meet online with you for a further 60 minutes where we discuss in detail all aspects of your university blueprint and you ask any questions to ensure that you are completely informed, clear and happy with your way forward.

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International student tutoring services

Because choosing a UK university is a very big decision, Dr Caroline welcomes parents to join in the process as long as you are happy to involve them.

Online meetings are recorded and shared with you for future reference.

Choosing your university is a major decision which affects the whole of your life and success at university. Invest in your future with your university blueprint for only


Next steps

If this sounds like the support you’ve been looking for, the next step is to complete the form below so that Dr Caroline can assess how she can best help you.

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International student tutoring services

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