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An 8 week personalised support package programme designed just for you

Why struggle alone when you don’t have to?

University can be tough, a new way of independent learning, away from home, deadlines piling up-it is easy for it all to get on top of you then your grades start to slide. Whatever your challenge, I am here for you with 8 weeks of targeted coaching, mentoring and guidance to give you a boost and get you back on target.

Your personal programme

Step 1: Complete the online form so Dr Caroline can assess your needs and how best to help you and we I will be in touch by email to arrange your first meeting.

Step 2: Meeting 1: We discuss the details from your needs assessment form and together we put a plan together as to how to best support you, then straight away I get down to the most important aspect of helping you.

Step 3: Meetings 2- 4: We work together on your target areas and provide you with materials, links and contacts based on your requirements. Through online video meetings and shared screens we look focus on you and your challenges. After each session I send you written action steps and goals so you have 100% clarity on exactly what you need to do.

Step 4: Meeting 5: This meeting focuses on the future and the steps you need to take to ensure that you continue to improve your target areas once the programme has finished. We look at what you need to do, where and how you can get help and ensure you are fully aware of all the resources that you can access.

Throughout the 8 week programme you will have my full support with anything you need in between sessions by email/text and scheduled phone calls.

In this programme I focus solely on you and on coaching, supporting, guiding and improving your individual skills areas.

Because transitioning into university and university support is a very important stage in your life, Dr Caroline welcomes parents to join in the process as long as you are happy to involve them.

university coaching program for international students

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this course when my university offers support?

This Eight Week Support Package is totally personalised to you and your problem. I support you and only you. I don’t represent any university, therefore I have your best interests at heart. Universities offer support, but it is generalised and not personalised as they do not have sufficient resources and often you are not dealing with a specialist. I look at your problem and put together an action plan so that together we can solve your problem together. I apply coaching techniques so that you access your own problem solving ability and build knowledge, strength and self-belief

Is this package really value for money?

My students tell me that this package has helped them enormously and without it they may have not reached their potential, failed exams and even dropped out of university.

How long is the support package?

It covers an eight week period, which works well to understand your problem and get a solution in place and ensure that the solution is working.

What kind of issues have students got support with?

I have helped students who are failing turn their studies around, others who started university then started to feel out of control of their learning. Another student felt extremely homesick and was ready to give up university, another wanted an extra layer of support when she arrived in the UK and started her course, another student struggled with academic English and needed help to improve her language skills, another got into trouble with her university and needed help and an advocate to successfully navigate the disciplinary process.

Can this course help improve my grades?

Yes, it can as I can help you develop a study routine, or a revision approach which will improve your grades.

Will I get more from my university after this support package?

Yes, I will help you develop skills to approach your lecturers and personal tutor, I can tell you what they can help you with and what to ask them. Lecturers and personal tutors are often underutilised, but after this support package you will feel confident in approaching them so that you can maximise the help you get. I will research your university and find out exactly what they offer and help you contact the right people so that after the support package ends you are in a much stronger position.

I am a UK home student - can this Eight Week Support package help?

Yes, it can. This Eight Week Support Package is all about you, so whether you are a UK home student or an international student I can help you with whatever your concern is.

I am interested but not sure if you can help me.

Complete the form on the link below and I will assess if I can help you before you agree to the Eight Week Support Package – if I can’t, I will try and point you in the right direction.

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