1:1 University Study Success Mentoring

12 month VIP university mentoring programme

Foreign student university mentoring services

1:1 University Study Success Mentoring 12 month VIP programme

Foreign student university mentoring services

A 12 month individualised programme which holistically and academically supports you through your academic year. Through developing an on-going mentor/mentee relationship full support is given at every stage. The nature of this support is guided through detailed needs analysis and will change and develop as you progress through your year’s study. Scheduled sessions allow in-depth development while emails, text and scheduled phone calls allow Dr Caroline to support you in between sessions.

university mentoring services

Moving to the UK and starting university study can be challenging. Learning through a different language and getting to grips with cultural differences and the distance away from your family can cause you and your family worry.

Because transitioning into a UK university is a very important stage in your life, Dr Caroline welcomes parents to join in the process as long as you are happy to involve them.

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Foreign student university mentoring services

Dr Caroline’s expert knowledge of working with international students transitioning into university based on her international research and publications on first year academic success  provides expert individualised guidance and learning programmes including: navigating and getting the best from your university, course and lecturers; academic English; study skills; exam preparation; overcoming stress; dealing with home-sickness and many more aspects of international students coming to the UK to study.

The package

  • 24×60 minute online meeting sessions.
  • Further 1×60 minute online meeting 6 weeks later to ensure you are still on target as you start your second year of university.
  • Full recordings of each session if you want to revisit anything we have talked about.
  • Written action steps and goals at the end of each session so you have 100% clarity on exactly what you need to do.
  • Dr Caroline’s full support with anything you need in between sessions by email/text/ phone calls.
  • There is an option for some meetings to be face to face, depending on location and diary availability.

Dr Caroline has extensive experience working with international students and passionately believes that every student has the right to reach their own academic potential.
Invest in your future with the VIP 1:1 University Success 12 month Mentoring Package.


Next steps

If this sounds like the support you’ve been looking for, the next step is complete the form on this link so that Dr Caroline can assess how she can best help you.

We will then arrange a 20 minute free needs analysis online meeting where Dr Caroline will make sure that you are 100% happy before booking in your first session.

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Foreign student university mentoring services

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