A whole year’s support, just for you

12 month VIP university coaching and mentoring support programme


Your own personal safety net

At every stage, I am there for you, Whatever you need, I am on your journey with you. Your 12 month individualised programme – it is for YOU, about YOU and is that helping hand whenever you need it.

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Starting and navigating university can be challenging. A different way of learning, little guidance and left to work it all out for yourself. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way – with me on your side, you aren’t alone.

I coach, support and guide you through the ups and downs of probably the biggest change in your life.

The package

Weekly 60 minute online meeting sessions for 12 months. 52 hours of personalised coaching, mentoring and tutoring designed around YOUR needs.

Written action steps and goals at the end of each session so you have 100% clarity on exactly what you need to do.

My FULL support with anything you need in between sessions by UNLIMITED email/text/ phone calls.

Options for some meetings to be face to face, depending on location and diary availability.

Further online meeting to ensure you continue to be on the right track after the 12 month period finishes.

Evidence based support

Dr Caroline’s expert knowledge of working with students transitioning into university is based on her international research and publications on first year academic success  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about this VIP support package?

This package is totally personalised to YOU and ONLY YOU. I am your academic specialist, personal advocate, mentor, coach, personal tutor and friend.

Whatever is happening in your life I am there for you, every step of the way.

Is this package really value for money?

This VIP Support Package is expensive, no question about that, and it is not an option for everyone, but the level of support I provide you with, together with unlimited access to me has proved to be very popular and useful to my students.

How long is the support package?

It covers a 12 month period, and aims to support you through your first year experience at university.

I am an international student-is it suitable for me?

It is designed for international students who are far from home. I am here for you and I am here for your mum and dad to answer any questions and solve any problems. I am your go to person with specialist knowledge, I am your mentor, guide and friend- you can talk to me about anything.

What kind of issues have students got support with?

I have helped students from the Middle East who want someone here in the UK to support them. I have met students at the airport when they arrive in the UK, supported them through settling in, advised them on how to approach their studies, guided them on what kind of questions to ask their lecturers, sorted out housing issues, supported them through homesickness, organized accommodation for visiting family members- whatever occurs I am there for you.

Can this package help me get great grades?

Yes, it can as I can help you develop a study routine and approach which will help you achieve great grades.

Will I get more from my university during and after this support package?

Yes, I will help you develop skills to approach your lecturers and personal tutor, I can tell you what they can help you with and what to ask them. Lecturers and personal tutors are often underutilized, but after this support package you will feel confident in approaching them so that you can maximise the help you get. I will research your university and find out exactly what they offer and help you contact the right people so that after the VIP Support Package ends you are in a much stronger position.

I am interested, but not sure if you can help me.

Complete the form on the link below and I will assess if I can help you. Before you agree to the VIP Support Package, we can arrange a free consultation where you can ask me anything on your mind and we can see if this VIP Support Package will be suitable to you – if it isn’t, I will try and advise you and point you in the right direction.



If you have any more questions, please just send me a message. I am always here to help.


Here for you every step of the way.


Next steps

If you don’t want to take chances with your education, I can help you.

Contact me to arrange a 20 minute free needs analysis online meeting where I will make sure that you are 100% happy before booking in your first session.

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