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Why do I need this course?

Here is your fantastic opportunity to get university prepared and make sure you reach YOUR academic potential

Do you know that on average one in ten UK undergraduates will drop out of university and in some universities this is as high as one in four?

Do you ever wonder why university students don’t seem to get the support they deserve and pay for?

Do you want to know the strategic moves to build your success so your investment pays off?

Do you want to know how to maximize your learning and get those top grades?

Do you want to know how universities work so that you can navigate your journey and be in charge of your learning and not have your learning in charge of you?

So many students have told me that they still don’t know the highly effective secrets to success, despite being well into their university experience. Having this knowledge in advance really does mean that you start on the right foot and maximise your success.

All you need to do is plug in your ear pods, listen, learn and implement ten units of vital advice to navigate the system; prepare for, achieve and maintain fantastic grades and get the great support at university that you deserve including:

What You’ll Learn


how to settle in fast and make friends before you even start so you arrive at university feeling confident and in control;


how to access the insider advice so you get the system to work for you


how to get the best from your university, personal tutor and lecturers so that you get your money’s worth in support and tutoring;


how to recognise, navigate and overcome academic pitfalls like slipping academic performance and avoidance strategies that scream you are losing control of your learning:


how to get the best from your lectures so that you are super engaged and learn loads;


how to prepare for your exams and revise so that you can ace those grades and show what you are really capable of;


how to have one eye on your career from the day you start university so you are building that amazing future right from the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this course when my university will teach me these kind of things?

This University Preparation Course is independent, giving you advice about how to prepare for, get the best out of, and deal with things at university if problems or challenges arise. I am a university specialist and know all the issues that you may experience and the information, knowledge and skills you need to be successful. I know from my years of experience that ultimately a university will protect its own interests. I don’t represent any university therefore I have your best interests at heart. I know how universities operate and I share this information with you so that you can get ahead, understand and navigate the system.

Is this course really value for money?

My students tell me that this course is value for money and has helped them step up from their school experience to independent university learning. It has equipped them with the right skills and attitudes and enabled them to start university knowing what is ahead of them and how to understand and get the best from the university system and staff.

How long is the course?

It is approximately 4 hours long, split into 8 minute topic segments.

How should I learn best from this course?

Listen to the segments and then reflect on how you can use this knowledge to help develop your approach to learning at university. Some students go back and listen to certain parts of the course as they encounter a relevant experience at university. Think of it like your insider advice that helps you prepare in advance before you start university, but you can also go back to it when different issues arise.

Do I need to do any tasks?

No, you just listen, watch and learn.

Can this course help improve my grades?

Yes, it does this by helping you access vital information and develop a study system that works for you, it also helps you understand exam questions and what your university is looking for in your answers.

Will I get more from my university lecturers after taking this course?

Yes, you will know how to approach your lecturers and personal tutor, what they can help you with and what to ask them. Lecturers and personal tutors are often underutilised, but after this course you will feel confident in approaching them so that you can maximise the help you get.

I am worried about meeting people and settling in - can this course help?

Yes, it can. Many students are concerned about when they first arrive at university, but this course shows you how to make friends before you even arrive at your university, so that you can settle in fast and not worry.

I am an international student-will this course help me?

This course is designed for all students starting university and will certainly help you if you are an international student, but is also suitable for home students too.

I am going to university to get a great job, can this course help me?

Yes, we look at how to start working on your career strategy from when you first join university and throughout your years of study and how to take advantage of everything on offer to you to develop your new fantastic professional persona.


If you have any more questions, please just send me a message. I am always here to help.



Don't take my word for it!

This course really helped me to get on top of my learning from the beginning and I was way ahead of my friends as I knew the important stuff to look at and concentrate on . It really is full of useful advice and I recommend it for anyone heading for university.

James Williams