Do you want to be  successful at University?



Do you want to be successful at university?

Think about your study skills – they are key to your success

When you move from secondary school to university, it can be easy to think that just because you have done well at school, you will do well at university.

Sadly, this is not always the case.

Learning at university is far more independent, if you start failing assessments and skip lectures, it is unlikely that your university will chase you up, or even notice until you fail your summative exams and even then it is not certain that they will offer you additional support. The problem here is that waiting until failing your summative exams is just too late-what you want to do is to get to grips with how to prepare for your university first year and so set yourself up for success, not for failure.

So, how do you develop study skills for university?

The first thing to do is make sure that you attend all of your teaching events, because you are at university there won’t be anyone to wake you up and so going to bed late and lying in becomes tempting. Remember that any teaching event offers you the opportunity to learn, I say ‘offers you’ because simply turning up does not mean that you will learn – with the distractions of ear buds, social media and the opportunity to catch up on missed sleep, it is easy to be there, but not be there, if you know what I mean. So this next point is about active listening – making notes forces you to concentrate on your lecture (and also offers you the opportunity to turn them into revision notes at a later stage- a double win!).

The final point I’ll mention here is know from the beginning of the semester when the teaching will finish and your exams are. By having the key dates in your diary (and yes you will need one of these) you will see exactly how short each semester is and how much revision time you have, this avoids the nasty shock of realizing two weeks before your exams that you have been having such a great time that you are completely unprepared.

So, my tips here for how to prepare for university first year are to think about and improve your study skills for university. I have talked about just three areas here to improve your study skills, for more tips and guidance have a look at my online university preparation course “How to be successful at University” or book in a call with me for more advice for students starting university