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Your first week at University


Your first week at University

Starting your new university course is exciting, but can also be daunting for many students – especially international students who wish to study english in uk and are far from home. Here are 5 top tips to help you in your first week.

1. Get organised

Sort out all the practical stuff as soon as you can, this will make you feel more in control and settled: set up a UK bank account; register with a National Health Service (NHS) doctor; sort out any immigration related paperwork. Make sure you have some money to hand – it can take around two weeks to set up a bank account. There is a lot going on in the first week of the semester, you will have your academic and registry orientation. It is really important that you attend all orientation events as they cover a lot of essential information, be prepared to take notes and source the presentations. There is a wealth of knowledge that points you in the right direction for your university success.

2. Be social

Sometimes it can be tempting if you are new in a place to stay in your room and call home for a chat, but this does not make you new friends in the critical first couple of weeks. Universities hold lots of events for first-year students: clubs and societies; sports groups; volunteering; academic interest groups; and lots of social events. Get out there and get to them, smile and start a conversation, you can be sure that everyone is feeling a bit nervous and are very keen to break the ice and meet new friends.

3. Look after yourself

You are experiencing a time of great change which can be very stressful. Make sure you eat healthily, sleep well, drink plenty of water, get exercise and create a routine. All of these aspects will make you feel in control and ready for this very busy time of getting to grips with your new university.

4. Be safe

Depending where your university and accommodation is you may live on campus or you may have to travel to your university. Before you go out, know how you are going to get home and have sufficient money with you to get a taxi if necessary. Walk home with friends and pay attention to who is around you. Use you common sense, avoid flashing large sums of money or valuables (these are better left at home), keep your mobile phone with you and keep your money wallet in a zipped bag or safe inside pocket. Know who to contact in case of an emergency.

5. Keeping in touch

You aren’t alone experiencing a big period of change, your friends and family back home are feeling it too. Keep in touch with them and make sure you answer texts, it can just take a minute and stop your family worrying about you. Be careful though not to spend too much time talking to home, you need to be developing your new life, making new friends and experiencing all that your university has to offer.